Privacy Policy

Why we collect information:

Here at Halifax Motors, Inc. we collect information on our customers to be able to conduct business with each customer and to provided a better form of service with each interaction.  We collect information when you provide your name and contact details to us along with the information of your vehicles.
*For example; when purchasing a vehicle we collect information to register your vehicle with North Carolina DMV, as required by law.



Who we share information with:

We NEVER sell our information to any third-party companies.
Every employee at HMI and our affiliates takes extra precaution to guard your private information. We share information to our affiliates to also provide you with a better form of service
*For example: year, make, and model of your vehicle is needed to order the correct parts for your repair or maintenance

Halifax Motors, Inc. will share personal information to meet any applicable laws or regulations, to prevent or detect fraud, or upon request of the customer.

How we protect your information:

Halifax Motors, Inc. has password protected systems and secured servers in place to prevent others from having access to your personal information. We review our processing procedures to prevent unauthorized access. We keep your information private and safe.